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General Information

What is Centennial Place’s mailing address?

937 Progress Ave. Scarborough, ON M1G 3T8.

How can I contact the Centennial Place?

We can be reached by telephone at 416-438-2216 ext. 6294 or via email at centennialresidence@studenthousing.com.

How will Centennial Place contact me?

We will contact students using the email address they used to apply to Centennial Place, by telephone, or in-person.

I am a student with a disability; will Centennial Place be able to accommodate me?

Absolutely! We have AODA-compliant 2-Bedroom, 1-Bathroom (Private) rooms built to accommodate students with different abilities. Please be sure to include this in your application and we will be happy to assist you.

Application Process

When can I apply?

Centennial Place accepts applications to Residence year-round, however, the time of year may dictate what lease period or duration is currently available. Rooms are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. An application does not guarantee you a space. To guarantee your space, you must submit your signed and completed Residence Agreement to the Centennial Place Office, make your first installment payment, and receive confirmation of your space from our office prior to moving in.

How can I check that you received my application?

You can email or call the Centennial Place Office to request confirmation of your received application and/or signed Residence Agreement by calling 416-438-2216 or via centennialresidence@studenthousing.com.

How do I pay the Security Deposit and the Application Fee?

Click here to make a payment to Centennial Place. We accept a variety of payment methods including all major credit cards, debit, or certified cheque/money order. The $500 security deposit and $100 application fee is required for new applicants only. If you are renewing your current residence agreement, the $100 application fee is waived and the security deposit is transferrable to your new residence agreement. You must only submit your renewal application.
For renewing/returning residents, your security deposit will be applied to the new lease term; you are not required to pay this twice. Upon Move-Out, your security deposit will be refunded to you less any damages or cleaning charges levied to your account for improper move-out.

Where can I check to find out if Centennial Place received my payment?

You can check by contacting the Centennial Place Office at 416-438-2216 or via centennialresidence@studenthousing.com.

I am an international student. How can I pay?

All students have the option to pay by credit card online through our website or by clicking here

How does the admissions process work?

  1. Apply online by clicking the “Apply Now” tab in the top right corner of our website.
  2. Fill out all required (*) information on the application and continue through the application to the payment page. New applicants must submit both, 1) the $500 security deposit, and 2) the $100 application fee. These fees are only required for new, incoming applicants; renewing applicants are not required to make this payment a second time.
  3. Centennial Place will email a Residence Agreement to you once your application has been received and reviewed. Please note that the time of year may dictate or determine whether or not a Lease Agreement is available for delivery – Inquire with the Leasing Manager for more information about availability. Once you receive your Residence Agreement, please electronically review, sign, and submit it.
  4. Once your Residence Agreement, signed by both Resident and Guarantor, along with all Body Pages initialed by the Resident, is received, reviewed, and accepted, your space is reserved.
  5. Room Assignments take place during the Summer for Fall move-ins, and ongoing throughout the year for Winter and Summer move-ins. Roommate Matching is available for students planning to move into the Residence for the Fall semester.
  6. Students will receive room assignments no sooner than one week prior to move-in day.
  7. Your scheduled move-in date is the Start Date of your Residence Agreement. Please refer to the Cover Page of your Agreement for more details, or contact the Leasing Manager for confirmation. Students should expect to receive room assignments one week prior to Move-In Day. The assignments are subject to change, and no room assignment is guaranteed.

Do I get my application fee back if I withdraw?

No, application fees are non-refundable. Only the security deposit is refundable at time of Move-Out upon conclusion of the Residence Agreement; cancellations or approved early releases of any kind shall forfeit the security deposit as a cancellation fee per Section 7 of the Residence Agreement.

Am I guaranteed a bed/room?

Residence rooms are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once we are at capacity, we begin accepting applications for our waitlist. Apply early to secure a room.

What if there is a waitlist?

We encourage students to still and hold a position on our waitlist. We can’t guarantee anyone on the waitlist a space, but we will do our best to accommodate everyone.

Where do I indicate a preference for a shared or private room?

This is completed on your application form. Please note there are a variety of suite styles at Centennial Place and while we cannot guarantee your preference is available, we will do our best to accommodate your preferences. The suite styles offered at Centennial Place include a 4-Bedroom, 2-Bathroom; and three variations of a 2-Bedroom, 1-Bathroom suite (Shared, Standard, and Deluxe). Please see our Floor Plans and Rates page for more details on suite layouts.

How are my roommates selected if I don't list a friends' name?

During the Summer, we send out a Roommate Matching invitation to our RoomSync matching software so that all accepted students who have returned their signed Residence Agreements and have been approved to live at Centennial Place may select their preferred roommates. Please note that both residents must request each other and ‘Match’ in order to be placed together. Roommate Matches are not guaranteed, but we will do our best to accommodate everyone. This service is not offered during January (Winter) or Summer (May) intake.

Lease Term & Rental Installments

How can I make a payment to Centennial Place?

Click here to make a payment to Centennial Place.

When are installment payments due?

Centennial Place accepts month-to-month installments broken down into even payments for residents based on the duration of their Agreement. For example, if a resident has leased for a duration of eight (8) months, the total cost of their Agreement is broken into eight (8) equal payments, due on the first of each month during their stay.
Some Agreements may begin or end mid-month, and so additional pro-rated installment(s) of a higher or lesser amount may be added to the first or last installment payment on your Residence Agreement.

How do I pay my first installment fee?

Follow the instructions on our website to make a payment online.

If I am unable to make a payment by the due date, what happens?

Contact the Bookkeeper through the Centennial Place contact information provided on the website and provide explanation for the delay along with the supporting documentation. Although the outcome of a request for extension is not guaranteed, it will be considered in a fair manner as long as there is reasonable justification for the extension.

What is my first installment fee?

Your first installment will be due on the 1st of the Month you are moving into Residence. For example, if you are moving into Centennial Place in August, your first payment is due August 1st. If you are moving into Centennial Place in May, your first payment is due May 1st.

What if I am unable to make my first installment because I am waiting for OSAP (or other funding)?

All residents, including those receiving OSAP assistance, are required to make the equivalent of at least one (1) months payment prior to picking up keys on Move-In Day. Students requesting a delayed second payment until their OSAP is released, may submit in writing to the Bookkeeper their requested payment date. All requests for extended deadlines of payment require supporting documentation from a recognized source indicating the date their funds are expected to be released.

What is Renters Insurance, and do I need it?

Personal Property Insurance (sometimes referred to as “Renters’ Insurance”) can protect your valuables, such as laptops or expensive textbooks from theft or damage, providing you with peace of mind that you’re covered if something happens. Policies usually cover break-ins, floods, fires, and compensate you with an amount to repurchase or repair your property. If you leave the stove on and accidentally start a fire or leave the water running and damage the floors and walls, you could be liable. If you don’t have insurance to protect yourself, you may end up with a massive bill to foot. Various situations could make your residence uninhabitable. A fire could happen in your building, or a burst pipe could leak everywhere. Insurance can help cover any additional living expenses in an emergency. Personal Property Insurance is required to live at Centennial Place. Consider purchasing a discounted Policy for students using our partner, Summit Insurance.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Section 7: RELEASES FROM AGREEMENT. All requests for early release must be made in writing to the Manager and request for release will be responded to in writing within 7 business days of receipt. Resident will be released from the Residence Agreement subject to applicable penalties if one of the following applies:

  1. (a) Resident is denied admission to Centennial College
  2. (b) Resident is denied study permit/Visa
  3. (c) Resident is withdrawn from, or is not enrolled in classes PRIOR to the start of the Residence Agreement with secondary verification of non-enrollment made on the 30th class day of the semester.
  4. (d) Resident is able to obtain a replacement for their lease who meets all requirements set out in Paragraph 1 and who has not previously applied to live at Centennial Place. Manager must approve all lease replacements.

If approved, upon termination of this Agreement, the Resident may be entitled to a partial refund of the residence fees, without interest. The refund will be in the form of a cheque mailed to the Resident’s permanent address on file. Refunds will be calculated on a pro-rated daily basis if the Agreement term has already begun. All cancellations will be charged an administrative fee equal to their Security Deposit. Residents who do not meet one of the above criteria for release are held responsible for their Agreement until such a time that they satisfy one of the criteria for release.

If during the term of this Residence Agreement a resident no longer meets the eligibility requirements set out in Paragraph 1 by withdrawing (both voluntarily or involuntarily) they will be required to vacate their assigned room immediately. This does not limit or reduce resident’s financial obligations as outlined on Page 1 of the Residence Agreement until such a time that they satisfy one of the criteria for release.

There is no payable fee to cancel an Agreement without first meeting one of the above terms and conditions. Residents moving out of Centennial Place prior to the end of their Agreement duration will be held to their payments unless they can provide official documentation illustrating the above conditions have been met. It is the responsibility of the resident to provide this documentation to Centennial Place staff in a timely manner.

Apartment Features

Is cable provided in my room?

Centennial Place has multiple community lounges that have access to cable TV. We encourage residents to take advantage of those spaces at no cost. Cable TV is not provided in your individual room but there is a Wi-Fi access point in each suite so that you can enjoy your preferred streaming service.

Is there furniture in my room?

Yes, all rooms are fully furnished. For more details please review the Floor Plans section of the website. Furniture is not allowed to be removed from the unit.

Is there a phone in my Room?

No. There are no land line phones in resident rooms. It is the responsibility of the resident to ensure they have an alternative means of communication.

Is kitchenware provided?

No. Residents are responsible for providing their own kitchen supplies, including but not limited to cutlery, plates, drinkware, and cooking utensils.

Move-In Process

When can I move into Centennial Place?

Your scheduled move-in date is the Start Date of your Residence Agreement. Please refer to the Cover Page of your Agreement for more details, or contact the Leasing Manager for confirmation.

What do I need to have before I Move-In?

  • Completed Housing Application
  • Paid Application Fee and Security Deposit
  • Signed Lease Agreement (with Guarantor signature)
  • Paid 1st Installment
  • Personal Property Insurance (aka. “Renters’ Insurance”)
  • Completed virtual Move-In Form
  • Student ID Number on-file
  • Verified Phone & Email Contact Information (Canadian Phone Numbers Preferred)
  • Verified Parent/Guarantor/Emergency Contact Information

How do I find out who my roommate is?

You may select your preferred roommate(s) during the Summer, in advance of the Fall semester, using our Room Sync.

What should I bring with me?

For a complete list of what is accepted and what is prohibited at Centennial Place, please review the Move-In Guide.

Can I bring a refrigerator?

No, we do not allow students to bring in their own refrigerators. Each suite contains a full-size refrigerator that is sufficient for a shared suite.

Can I bring my own mattress?

No, we do not allow students to bring in their own mattresses. If you require additional mattress support, we encourage residents to consider bringing a mattress pad or memory foam. Our beds are double-standard size.

How do I connect to the Wi-Fi at Centennial Place?

Centennial Place Residence features high-speed wireless Internet through Single Digits networks. Upon moving into Centennial Place, residents may connect to the network "SingleDigits" and connect to the Wi-Fi with unlimited use.

Residence Life at Centennial Place

Residence Life Staff(RLS)

The Residence Life Staff (RLS) consists of a full-time professional Residence Life Coordinator (RLC), and upper-year student-staff Residence Assistants (RA) who live on-site on each floor of the Residence. This team is responsible for offering community development and engagement through exciting programming on academic success, health & wellness, financial literacy, employability, and providing leadership and event-planning opportunities. Residents interested in joining this team should explore the Application Process made available in the Winter term for the following academic year.

Roommate Conflict

If a resident experiences conflict with one or more roommates, they are encouraged to seek our their Residence Assistant (RA) or other member of the Residence Life Staff (RLS). Our student-leaders are trained in conflict mediation, confrontation skills, active listening, and dispute resolution. If a conflict extends beyond the scope of an RLS member’s ability, that RLS member will seek support from Management.

Room Transfers

Centennial Place does not offer Room Transfers except in emergency scenarios. If a resident wishes to transfer without cause deemed by Management, a $250 Transfer Fee is required, subject to availability of beds.

Alcohol Policy

Provincial (Ontario) liquor laws prohibit the consumption of alcohol by persons below the legal age of majority (19 years old). Centennial Place expects that residents in possession of, in the act of consuming, or under the influence of alcohol will be of legal age to do so. Centennial Place also abides by open alcohol restrictions, including our policy that alcohol is only to be consumed in a resident’s unit, and not to be transported or consumed in hallways, lounges, or common spaces such as the lobby or courtyard.

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