The health and well being of our community is top priority. Learn more

At Centennial Place Student Residence, it is our commitment to provide a home essential for success.

We have established a modified ‘new normal’ routine and social environment that is beneficial for our resident’s health and academic progress.

Health and Wellbeing


Daily disinfecting occurs in accordance with Ontario Ministry of Health, and the World Health Organization guidelines, which includes everything from handwashing to common area cleaning procedures.

Suite-Style Bedrooms and In-Suite Bathrooms

Each suite includes 2 to 4 bedrooms and has a 2:1 bathroom ratio. This allows you to easily coordinate your desired level of social distancing and sanitation within your home.


Food safety remains top priority, as does our mission to make it easier for residents to eat deliciously and sustain a healthier lifestyle. In following the social distancing guidelines provided by the Ontario Ministry of Health, Centennial Place has closed its communal kitchen area(s) and allowed students to continue accessing pre-packaged and convenient meals from our Grab & Go MicroMarket.

Community and Lifestyle

Academically Oriented Environment with Unlimited High Speed Wi-Fi Internet

Designed to deliver high-speed Wi-Fi Internet as part of our all-inclusive utility package, it is our goal to ensure our residents can continue to receive academic instruction, complete their coursework, and continue to be housed in an environment conducive to their academic success. Achieving a desired level of social distancing and sanitization while staying connected and focused on their academic and personal success, regardless if instruction is provided in person or online, is our top priority.

Community Standards and Res Life

With our extensive residence life program, our residents can tap into the benefits of being part of a local university community where others can relate and school traditions are close to home. Whether in-person or virtually, we offer programs that support the success of our community and contribute to a livinglearning environment intended to enable students to thrive academically, knowing their environment is a healthy one.

Our Commitment

Move-In Ready

We have made sure that all vacant units are well maintained and Move-In Ready for you! Our team has remained committed to ensuring that all spaces are deep cleaned, sanitized and fogged with medical-grade supplies prior to student’s arrival. This is our commitment to students, to provide peace-of-mind that by signing a lease, they will be provided a space where they can be successful.

Coming to Canada

As revised by the IRCC, Centennial College has been included in the approved Canadian Designated Learning Institutions (DLI’s). We are excited to welcome all Centennial College students who are living internationally, that have an approved visa and permit. If you are still waiting on your Visa, you can still secure your space! Should you be unable to come to Canada, you will be released from your lease agreement.

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